Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Smallmouth Bass Regulations:

  • Sport License: 6 in one day
  • License: 2 in one day
  • Restrictions: none

    Smallmouth Bass Lures:

    A #6 hook with 1/2 a worm and split-shot. Worm harnesses as well. Floating jig heads tipped with bait, of various colors but we have found that chartreuse and fluorescent orange are the most reliable. The jigs are rigged 'Lindy' style with a slip sinker at various distances up the line from the jig. Lead jigs and Erie-Dearies tipped with bait, again of various colors with chartreuse and fluorescent orange a re-occurring theme in all lures. These can also be colored with plastic bodies of different designs and colors.

    Deep diving plugs and lures that imitate craw-fish are prime.

    Many people also fish them with surface baits on calm days. Fly-fishing is also becoming a popular option. Use either floating bugs, or sinking flies with a long tippet.

    6-pound dark-green fishing line is recommended for SMallmouth Bass. Low visibility of the line increases bass strikes.

  • Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lady Evelyn Lake

    Pound for pound, Smallmouth Bass are the hardest fighting fresh-water fish known. There are very few fisherpersons that will disagree. They are either digging down deep with insane desperation or flying out of the water.

    Lady Evelyn Lake has excellent Smallmouth Bass fishing. Lady Evelyn is a rocky and nutrient rich Canadian Shield lake, which is the prime habitat for Smallmouth Bass. Rocky points, shoals, islands, waterfalls and mouths of feeder-streams all hold great populations of Smallmouth Bass. Their main food is minnows, leaches and crayfish, which Lady Evelyn Lake has an endless supply.

    In our lake, you will come across schools of smaller Smallmouth in the to 3-pound range. It's a lot of fun catching bass after bass when you find these schools. To be truly impressed with our bass fishery, you need to find prime areas where there are no schools of Smallmouth Bass. The reason being that large Smallmouth Bass over 3-pounds in our lake usually travel in mating pairs and they are very territorial and keep the smaller bass out.

    With this in mind, you can come across a school of bass or a point where they are congregating and catch 20 or 30 bass in a few hours. To get the big ones, you have to sacrifice numbers and with great patience, quietly keep working a prime shoal or rocky point. The big bass are big because they are smart and it can take 20 minutes or longer using different lures or live baits to get them to hit.

    Our guests catch lots of Smallmouth Bass in the 1 to 5-pound range. On occasion, bass in the 6 to 7-pound range get caught but they are rare on any lake. The largest bass to be caught and released in recent years was an incredible 8.5 pounds. That is a true trophy in anyone's books.

    Smallmouth Bass in the 1 to 1.5-pound range are the best for eating. When fresh, some people prefer bass to Walleye. With this in mind, we want all Smallmouth Bass over 16 inches let go. Then guests of Garden Island Lodge can enjoy their fight for years to come.

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    Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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