Ontario Northern Pike Fishing Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing
Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Walleye Fishing

Northern Pike Regulations:

  • Sport License: 6 in one day
  • Restrictions: Only two greater than 24-inches of which only one may be greater than 34-inches in length.

  • License: 2 in one day
  • Restrictions: Only one greater than 24-inches and zero greater than 34-inches in length.

    Northern Pike Lures:

    Almost anything will work on these swimming mouths. The old 'Red-Devil' and '5 of Diamond' spoons are still popular up here. Try Silver on bright days and brass on over-cast days. Most any spoon will produce, as will perch colored Shad-Raps.

    Buzz-baits will work early in the year in the shallow waters of the bays.

    Fly-fishing with big ugly streamers works too.

    10-pound test fishing line is recommended

  • Northern Pike Fishing on Lady Evelyn Lake

    Northern Pike are the apex predators in the lake and feared by all other fish. They reach great sizes and with their razor-sharp teeth, they can rip another fish to shreds in seconds. They are legendary for shocking fisherpersons by following their lure up to the boat and striking at the last second only to rip yards of line off your reel before you know what's going on. They are also an ambush predator and it's common for large Northern Pike to wait until you have a Walleye or bass on your line before striking your fish.

    Northern Pike fishing on Lady Evelyn Lake is excellent. Considering most of our guests come to Garden Island Lodge for the famous Walleye fishing, guests who go after Northern Pike do very well. We can even be called the best Pike lakes in the area.

    Northern Pike average around 6 pounds, which is a large average, and guests do catch good numbers of them. Many guests will take a break from Walleye fishing from time to time and hit the back bays and weed beds and do pull out bigger Pike in the 30 to 40 inch range with a few that reach 42-inches each year. You will even catch a good number of Pike if you are Walleye fishing. There are a lot of Northern Pike in the lake that are much bigger than 42 inches and if you specifically hunt for big Pike, you will catch them.

    The largest Northern Pike caught at the lodge in recent years was 52 inches. This Pike was fat with a large girth and weighed in over 30-pounds. With our catch-&-release policy, Pike fishing gets better and better every year. We do ask that all Northern Pike over 30 inches be released. If you remove a Pike over 35 inches from the water for a picture, please cradle this fish horizontally in your arms and never hold them by their eye sockets. This is to ensure that no fish are harmed and the Pike population stays high. The big Pike will keep getting bigger and bigger every year as long as everyone treats this resource with respect.

    Northern Pike out of Lady Evelyn Lake taste great. Smaller Pike around 3 pounds, when eaten fresh, cook up fluffy and white and taste very close to Walleye.

    Even though Garden Island Lodge has a reputation of being one of the top Walleye lodges in Ontario, we invite fisherpersons to take advantage of our Pike fishery and enjoy the size and brute strength of these fresh-water sharks of the north.

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    Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

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