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Directions to Garden Island Lodge from the North-Eastern States

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    Pickup at Mowatt Landing is now 10:00am Only


    A.... Take your shortest route to I-81 north.

    Cross into Canada at The Thousand Islands Bridge. Drive north to highway #401. Go east on #401 37 miles to highway #416 north. Stay on #416 to Ottawa, then take # 417 / #17 (same road) North-West to North Bay.

    B.... Cross into Canada at The Peace Bridge at Buffalo/Fort Erie. Drive north on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) through Hamilton and Burlington. Take #407 (the cut off is about 2 miles past the Burlington Skyway Bridge. Get into the center lane while on the bridge). Follow # 407 east to #400 north ( the signs will read #400 N - Barrie). Follow #400 north just past Barrie. Follow the signs for #11 north to North Bay. NOTE: IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING IN A VEHICLE OVER 10,000 POUNDS GVWR DO NOT TAKE #407!!! Stay on the QEW to highway #403 north at the Ford Motor Plant. Go north to highway #401 east. Continue on #401 east to #400 north ( the signs will read #400 N - Barrie).


    At North Bay #17 joins #11 through the out-skirts of the city. Follow #11 north. (Watch for the signs reading #11 north to TIMMINS, if you see the STAPLES Store on your right, you just missed the turn) Take #11 north for about 90 miles. You will see 'The Cobalt Truck Stop' on your right. This is the last place for coffee if you are coming directly to the landing. 6 miles after the truck stop, you will see the sign 'Garden Island Lodge 20 km'. You make the left turn onto #558 for about 12 miles. Put your gear on the dock, and drive back up the little rise, take the driveway int Mowatt Landing Cottages, drive behind the silver shed and park in there.

  • Toronto - 300 miles
  • Pittsburgh - 650 miles
  • Buffalo - 400 miles
  • Detroit - 525 miles
  • Cleveland - 600 miles
  • Philadelphia - 780 miles
  • Harrisburg - 750 miles
  • Chicago - 825 miles
  • Cincinnati - 800 miles
  • Indianapolis - 800 miles
  • St. Louis - 1050 miles
  • Roanoke - 1000 miles

    Flights are available via Air Canada or Air Ontario from many airports in the U.S. to either Toronto or North Bay.

    Car rentals, taxis, or limousine service is available from Toronto or North Bay to the landing (please feel free to call us for further information and approximate prices for these other forms of transportation).

    We meet our guests at both 8:30 A.M. or 1:00 P.M. each Saturday and transport them by pontoon boat 1 mile down river and to the other side of the Montreal River to another dock at the base of the Mattawapika Dam. All the gear is then transported by truck, 1/4 mile to the top of the dam. From that point we travel, in one of two 22 foot power boats, 17 miles to Garden Island. It takes about 1 1/4 relaxing hours to get from Mowatt Landing to the lodge.

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